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Find an Orthodontist Near You

Considering orthodontic treatment? Take the next step towards a confident smile by contacting an AAO orthodontist for a consultation. Receive expert care from highly trained professionals.

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    Your Smile Deserves the Best

    Searching for the best orthodontic care in your area? AAO Orthodontists are highly educated specialists with advanced clinical expertise.

    Use our helpful orthodontist locator tool to find your local AAO orthodontist!

    Need Braces?

    If you have noticeable teeth misalignment or an irregular bite, braces may be the ideal solution. AAO orthodontists specialize in traditional braces. Learn more about this treatment option from experienced professionals, and see if this is the right treatment plan for you. 

    Gaining Clarity on Aligners

    For those seeking to address mild or moderate cases of misaligned teeth, without the inconvenience or appearance of braces, clear aligners off a viable alternative. AAO orthodontists have helped patients achieve flawless smiles through the use of clear aligners.

    Retainers: A Lifetime of Smiles

    Maintain your healthy, beautiful smile by keeping your teeth straight after brackets or aligner treatment with well-fitted retainers. Whether you need a new retainer or an adjustment for an existing one, AAO orthodontists are here to help. Find one near you today!

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