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Bullying Bites

You can make a positive impact in your community this October by participating in the AAO’s anti-bullying campaign, #bullyingbites, and encouraging young people to join the effort to end bullying.  

Take a Bite Out of Bullying

For the fifth consecutive year, the AAO, in partnership with Stand for the Silent, will recognize National Bullying Prevention Month, which coincides with National Orthodontic Health Month. Let’s work together to prevent bullying and promote a safe and healthy environment. This October, the AAO challenges you to come together in the fight against bullying. Orthodontists worldwide are taking a stand and encouraging their patients to do the same because we can all agree, #bullyingbites. 

If you are an AAO member, click here for additional #bullyingbites information. 

Ways to Get Involved

Spread the Word

Spread the anti-bullying message by sharing social media posts. Let’s amplify this important message together using #bullybites.

Take the Pledge

Download and sign a pledge card saying you will help put a stop to bullying. 

Go Orange

Wear orange on Wednesday, October 18, to raise awareness of bullying. October 18 is Unity Day and it is the signature event of National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month.

Give Back

Those interested in related charitable efforts may donate to Stand for the Silent or serve as a volunteer with the AAO Foundation Gifted Smiles program. 

Bring Laughter and Smiles to Your Community

Over the last 10 years, members of the AAO have provided free or discounted orthodontic care to almost 1,000 families. DOS orthodontists have provided more than five million dollars in treatment for 914 patients. Join your colleagues and donate your services.