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…your provider for specific details about your policy. Types of Retainers Hawley retainers, commonly referred to as wire retainers, consist of a combination of acrylic or hard plastic and a…

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Are Retainers Necessary After Orthodontic Treatment?

…occurring phenomenon, and to maintain the result created by your orthodontic treatment, retainers must be worn. While small changes after treatment concludes are normal, retainers prevent teeth from going back…

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Retainer Care 101: Your Guide to Longevity

…to embark on the next stage of your treatment – and maybe most its important: wearing retainers. Retainers are amazing little devices that hold your teeth in their new positions…

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Canine Conundrum: When Your Dog Ate Your Retainer

…the boy’s retainers into a useless mass. This happens with surprising frequency. The working theory is that dogs are attracted by the smell of the materials from which retainers are…

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Adult Orthodontics

…your teeth. Aligners are perfect for a busy lifestyle and maintaining a professional appearance. These orthodontic appliances are removable for more comfortable eating and easier cleaning. Explore Aligners Retainers Retainers

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Retainers A retainer is a dental appliance crafted to maintain the alignment of your teeth following orthodontic treatment. Constructed from materials such as clear plastic, acrylic, or snug-fitting wires, retainers

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Orthodontic Staff Careers

Crafting Smiles: Careers in Orthodontic Offices American Association of Orthodontists›Search results for ‘retainers‘ Consider a rewarding career in an orthodontic office Do you love working with people, have a high…

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Find an Orthodontist

Find an Orthodontist Near You American Association of Orthodontists›Search results for ‘retainers‘ Your Smile Deserves the Best Searching for the best orthodontic care in your area? AAO Orthodontists are highly…

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