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Will my braces attract attention from fish?

Scuba aficionados take heart: there is no need to cancel your next dive. The small brackets used in today’s braces, especially ceramic or tooth-colored brackets, will not attract attention from unsavory fish or sea life.

Will braces increase my chance of being struck by lightning?

With or without braces the chances of a lightning strike remain the same which, in the U.S. in any one year, according to, is one in 700,000.

Will my braces interfere with radio signals or electronic devices?

No. Radio-loving gadget fanatics can rest easy.

Can braces rust?

Today’s braces are made of new stronger materials, like titanium alloy, and will not rust

If two people with braces kiss, can their braces become locked together?

With today’s smaller sleeker braces it is almost impossible to lock braces while kissing. Also, braces are not magnetic, which means any “attraction” felt is on the part of the wearers, so pucker up!

We have a special event coming up – can braces be removed?

Discuss this with your orthodontist. But be aware that premature removal of braces may not be in your best interests for a stable, functional result from orthodontic treatment.

How should teeth and braces be cared for?

Your orthodontist or a member of the orthodontist’s staff will brief you on brushing, flossing, toothpaste, rinses, other hygiene tools, as well as foods to enjoy and foods to avoid. AAO videos offer some general tips on what to eat and brushing and flossing.

What do I do if a bracket or wire comes loose?

If a bracket or wire comes loose, or if you lose or break an aligner, let your orthodontist know right away. Broken braces cannot deliver the right forces to move your teeth, and that could prolong treatment.

Will I take part in typical daily activities the day braces are applied?

You should be fine going to work or school and taking part in your usual activities.

How will the mouth feel after getting braces?

Expect some mild discomfort for the first few days. This is temporary and can be relieved by rinsing with warm salt water (1 tsp. salt to 8 oz. of warm water), or by taking an over-the-counter pain reliever.  Cold soft foods such as ice cream and pudding are helpful as well.